In the current practice of operating wastewater treatment plants, operators often face special, unique operating situations that go beyond the operating manuals with which they are provided with.

These situations may include simple deterioration to mechanical, biological or sludge treatment processes due to previous or future operational changes introduced by the operator and which cannot be resolved by simply applying the operating manuals.

In such situations, PARCIS can provide customized assistance on a case-by-case basis in order to identify with and for the operator the measures to be applied to bring the wastewater and sludge treatment processes back to the designed parameters. For complex situations, the assistance can be materialized by modeling with specialized software of each treatment plant and performing operation simulations for any scenario that the operator wants to evaluate.

Last but not least, our engineers can offer training courses, both for the existing and new personnel of the operator regarding the operation of the treatment plants customized on the actual structure of each plant, with full detailing and explanation of the mechanical, chemical and biological processes the plant is provided with.

For convenience, the assistance offered by our specialists can be online remotely or in person at the operator's headquarter.