CL3.2: Rehabilitation of main wastewater collectors A0+B0 in Bucharest, Romania. Collectors A072 and B06

Project Info

  • Completion Date

    Completed: In progress ...

  • Category

    Sewerage Networks

Project description

The project initiated by the Municipality of Bucharest, Romania, comprised of rehabilitation of the main wastewater collectors A0 and B0, collectors A072 and B06.

The rehabilitation works included: shotcreting, joints sealing  and GRP (PAFSIN) pipe installed in open trench.

The total length of the rehabilitated collectors is 1.728,0 m, of which, based on the rehabilitation type, had the following lengths:

  • Shotcreting – 743,0 m
  • Joints sealing – 853,0 m
  • GRP pipe installed in open trench – 132,0 m

The characteristic sections of the rehabilitated collectors were:

  • Shotcrete: egg-shape 180 / 270 cm, bell-shape 200 / 180 cm;
  • Joint sealing: circular DN180 cm;
  • GRP pipe installed in open trench: egg-shape 170 / 255 cm.

The provided design works within the project did include:

  • Structural rehabilitation of the existing collectors;
  • Elimination of collector infiltrations;
  • Temporary works for project implementation such as access pit shoring, collectors dewatering, wastewater stream diversion, working site ventilation and lighting, site organization;
  • Permitting;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Contractor due diligence.