Bucharest WWTP-Stormwater network rehabilitation, Romania

Project Info

  • Completion Date

    Completed: December 2010

  • Category

    Sewerage Networks

Project description

The investment carried out by the Bucharest Municipality within the investment program Glina wastewater treatment plant-Phase I had the goal to rehabilitate the existing stormwater network within Glina wastewater treatment plant. The applied methods of rehabilitation included two no-dig technologies such as TekFlex (application of a cement-based liner) and Easy Liner a CIPP (Cure-In-Place Pipe) technology.

For each rehabilitated pipe, the activities provided by our teams within the contract included:

  • Working site preparation
  • Pipe isolation from the network and pipe dewatering
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Pipe pre-works video inspection
  • Rehabilitation method application
  • Pipe water tightness test/pressure air test
  • Pipe post-works video inspection
  • Landscape arrangement to the initial condition.

The work quantities per technology type and pipe diameter were:

  • TekFlex: Dn600 mm – 422,0 m; Dn800 mm -226,0m; Dn1000 mm – 445,0m; Dn1200 mm – 305,0 m.
  • Easy Liner: Dn200 mm – 207,0m; Dn300 mm – 681,0m; Dn400 mm – 795,0m; Dn500 mm – 797,0m.