CL4: Caseta and its left side main drainage system rehabilitation – Lot 2 (sector Unirii-Vitan), Bucharest

Project Info

  • Completion Date

    Completed: August 2022

  • Category

    Sewerage Networks

Project description

The originator of the project is the Municipality of Buchatest, Romania which envisioned to extend the life of the Romanian capital’s main wastewater conveyance sewer system (Caseta) as well as of its left side main drainage system within the sector Unirii-Vitan (Lot 2), for a total length of approximately 4,90 km.

In the early 1980s, Dambovita river was serving as catchment for city’s stormwater runoff but also for city’s wastewater discharge, making the use of the river’s water practically impossible downstream of the Romania capital. This unusual and health hazardous situation for Bucharest’s inhabitants was addressed in 1985 by the construction of the main wastewater conveyance sewer system (Caseta) underneath of Dambovita river’s bed for a total length of about 10 km. The wastewater convenience system part of sector Unirii-Vitan (Lot 2) consisted of two different transversal sections 2-4,00 m x 3,06  m and 2-4,50 m x 3,06 m, run entirely under the river’s reconstructed bed.

The provided design works within the project have included:

  • Structural rehabilitation of the Caseta and its left side drainage system;
  • Castea discharge sewers rehabilitation;
  • Abandoned overflow closing of the main B0 sewer’s discharge chambers;
  • Mihai Bravu drainage water pumping station rehabilitation (equipment, mechanical, instrumentation, automation, security);
  • Caseta separation wall communication openings (windows) for wastewater level equalization and distribution along the two adjacent rectangular channels;
  • Caseta venting pipes upstream and downstream of Dambovita river overflow structures;
  • Elimination of all infiltrations in the Caseta and its left side drainage system;
  • Direction changing hydraulic directing wall;
  • Caseta permanent stoplogs installation/replacement;
  • Dambovita river access ramps;
  • Temporary works for project implementation such as working site dewatering, wastewater stream diversion, working site ventilation and lighting, site organization;
  • Geotechnical investigation;
  • Permitting;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Contractor due diligence.