Moara leachate treatment plant start-up, Suceava County, Romania

Project Info

  • Completion Date

    Completed: December 2014

  • Category

    Wastewater Treatment

Project description

Moara leachate treatment plant, located in Suceava county, Romania was an existing treatment facility designed to treat the leachate generated in the Moara municipal waste landfill. The services employed in the contract included leachate treatment process auditing, start-up, maintenance and operation manual drafting.

The plant was designed for a maximum daily flowrate of 50,0 m3/day and included the following treatment lines:

  • leachate treatment line: leachate buffer storage tank, inlet pump station, grease electro-coagulation, heavy metals lime and polymer precipitation, biological treatment in sequencing batch reactors (SBRs), ammonia stripping and sodium hypochlorite disinfection.
  • sludge treatment: conditioning of excess sludge, precipitation and electro-coagulation sludge followed by mechanical dewatering with filter presses.

The process start-up initially commenced with an initial existing plant process units’ functional assessments, followed by equipment dry and wet testing with clear water. The process continued with leachate run through all the process units, including biological treatment seedings with activated sludge from an existing wastewater treatment plant. Assessment of the treatment processes performance was monitored by leachate sampling and testing at various points along the treatment train.