Pasakoy WWTP, Turkey

Project Info

  • Completion Date

    Completed: August 2006

  • Category

    Wastewater Treatment

Project description

Within this contract, our team verify the process design for Pasakoy (Turkey) wastewater treatment plant covering preliminary treatment, primary treatment, advanced biological treatment and sludge treatment up to 25% solids content.

The plant was designed for a dry weather maximum daily flowrate of 100.000 m3/day serving an equivalent population of 500.000 PE.

The plant’s treatment scheme comprised:

  • wastewater treatment: preliminary treatment (screening, grit and grease removal), primary treatment (primary clarification), advanced biological treatment (pre-denitrification for biological nitrogen removal, enhanced phosphorus biological removal), chemical phosphorous removal
  • sludge treatment: primary sludge gravity thickening, excess sludge mechanical thickening, thickened sludge anaerobic digestion, biogas cogeneration, digested sludge mechanical dewatering, and dewatered sludge storage.

The following disciplines were covered in the contract:

  • Process
  • Mechanical